How can I help my church grow?

A growing Seventh-day Adventist church is the natural result of following God’s church growth principles. Whether you are a pastor, lay leader or church member, prayerfully implementing these Biblical principles will update the DNA of your church so that it becomes an ascending church instead of descending church. The result? A growing fellowship of believers who are in love with Jesus and actively serving their community.

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God’s Growth DNA

The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy outline five key principles that fuel church growth: 

REFLECT on God’s past leading to learn His church growth methods.

EMPOWER every church member to learn and lead.

NURTURE believers to become true disciples of the Lord through prayer, Bible study, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

EVANGELIZE the community by publicly proclaiming the Word of God.

WITNESS effectively for Christ through personal friendships.

An ascending church lives by God’s church growth principles. As a result, it grows to resemble the apostolic church in its love for Christ and passion for the lost. It is alive through the Holy Spirit’s power and regularly plants other churches.

A descending church exalts human opinion over God’s Word. Institutional protocols and self-protection become the norm. Death will be the inevitable result if the church continues in this pattern. But there is hope for every descending church!

Seventh-day Adventist Church Growth Principles

Your church’s journey of renewal starts by learning about each of the principles below.

How well do you–and your church–live by God’s RENEW principles? Take the Church Growth Assessment to find out and begin your church’s journey of renewal.

In “recognition of their co-operation with His purpose, [God] was renewing His covenant that His Spirit should remain among them.”

Prophets & Kings, p. 575, 576