How can I help my church grow?

A growing church is the natural result of following God’s church growth principles. Whether you are a pastor, lay leader or church member, prayerfully implementing these Biblical principles will update the DNA of your church. The result? A growing fellowship of believers who are in love with Jesus and actively serving their community.

God’s Growth DNA

The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy outline five key principles that fuel church growth: 

  1. REFLECT: Review the record of God’s church growth movements in the past so we can learn how to grow successfully today.  
  2. EMPOWER: Pass along the torch of leadership from person to person and generation to generation.
  3. NURTURE: Help believers become true followers of the Lord through prayer, Bible study, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  4. EVANGELIZE: Preach the Word of God in the community through public sowing and reaping events.
  5. WITNESS: Equip each member to share their faith by building meaningful, eternal friendships.

These Biblical truths, implemented in your life and church through the power of the Holy Spirit, will bring revival and growth. 

Ready for Renewal?

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In “recognition of their co-operation with His purpose, [God] was renewing His covenant that His Spirit should remain among them.”

Prophets & Kings, p. 575, 576