Church Culture Assessment

This assessment is designed to help your church evaluate how well it is living by these God-given principles of church growth. Like DNA in our bodies, these principles make us who we are and create a church culture that honors God.  We achieve Christ’s mission of reaching others by living out the elements of the church’s DNA.

The purpose of this self-assessment is to get an honest picture of where we need to grow collectively to become the type of God-honoring culture we want to be. Since our growth as a church is the result of our personal growth in Christ, it is essential to score each statement as true to yourself as possible. The spirit behind this assessment should not lead you to feel self-pride or self-pity at individual results. Rather, the anonymous results help shape periods of intentional focus as a church body as we move towards God’s vision for us.

Assessment Developed by: Marshall McKenzie, Church Growth Director, Kentucky Tennessee Conference in conjunction with North American Division Evangelism Institute