Is your church languishing or flourishing? These four indicators will help you assess the health of your church.

Indicator #1: Shifting Focus

The focus of the church is shifting away from following God to following people. Instead of seeing the big picture of how God is working and cooperating Him in His work, the church has become myopic, focusing on just a part of God’s mission. A goal from the past may still be the church’s benchmark for success, or the church may have come up with its own vision entirely independent of God’s leading.

  • Assess: Has your focus shifted? If so, what is the current focus of your church?

Indicator #2: Halted Progress

The church is standing still. Instead of moving forward at God’s pace, the church has become content with its current state. Public evangelism and personal witnessing bring in converts, but they are simply absorbed into the church without being empowered for ministry. The church has forgotten its mission to be a sending church.

  • Assess: Is there a tendency to halt forward progress? When was the last time your church moved forward?

Indicator #3: Disjointed Efforts

Individual church members do not know the church’s vision or mission and are not working together towards a common goal. Multiple, independent ministries characterize the church structure. Individual projects take precedence over the church’s overall mission. Eighty percent of the work in the church is done by twenty percent of the members.

  • Assess: Are your efforts disjointed? How well does your church work together towards a common vision?

Indicator #4: Spiritual Illness

Church members are characterized by spiritual lethargy. There is a general lack of interest in prayer and Bible study. Evangelism and witnessing are virtually non-existent. The church is running on memories of a better past.

  • Assess: Is there a lack of spiritual commitment? How would you describe the spiritual state of your church?

How is your church doing?

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