Our Vision

Every church in the Kentucky Tennessee Conference…
…a thriving fellowship
…serving its community
…growing in influence
Every Seventh-day Adventist church member…
…loving Jesus
…studying the Bible
…sharing their faith

Our Mission

To enable every church in the Kentucky Tennessee Conference to understand and implement God’s principles of church growth so they can truly thrive.

It’s a goal that can only happen through the “renewing of the Holy Spirit” (Titus 3:5).

church growth director

Pastor Marshall McKenzie

KYTN Church Growth Director

Pastor Marshall McKenzie is passionate about helping people understand God’s thoughts and ways through a systematic Bible study. Over and over, he has witnessed how truth sets people free from sin and gives them healing and hope. His greatest desire is to help prepare people for the soon return of Jesus through a personal relationship with God. 

God dramatically changed Pastor McKenzie when he began studying the Bible as a teenager. He heard God’s call and spent 20 years in full-time ministry. During these years he has worked in pastoral ministry, public evangelism and Christian publishing. He has also been a missionary in the Middle East, Cuba and India. Marshall and his wife Rosemary have three children. 

Pastor McKenzie’s years of frontline ministry have taught him how to effectively share the gospel and grow churches. He has discovered first-hand that programs are not the answer to stagnant growth. Change must happen at the heart level — both for churches and individuals — through the power of the Holy Spirit. When this change happens, then processes of growth can be implemented that allow healthy long-term growth. One of Marshall’s greatest joys is mentoring individuals and churches in their relationship with Christ and ministry for Him.